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In accordance with section 22 of the Law 43/200, of July 11, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, Paula Álvaro Arroyo (hereon, La Fisio de Paula) informs, through this Cookies Policy, about the utilization of data storage and retrieving devices in the Users’ terminal equipment.
Cookies are files or folders that are downloaded to the User’s computer/smartphone/tablet by accessing determined websites and apps that allow to store the User’s browsing preferences, making the User’s interaction with the website quicker and easier.
The information gathered by cookies is anonymous and contains no sensitive information since they don’t gather data that can personally identify the User. In any case, the User may access their browser’s configuration to modify and/or block the installation of Cookies sent from the platform, without blocking the access to contents.
2.- FOR WHAT DOES La Fisio de Paula USE COOKIES?
This web platform (hereon, the “Platform”) uses cookies or other information storage and retrieving devices to follow up on the Users’ interactions with the services offered in the Platform.
Cookies allow to recognize a User’s browser, as well of the kind of device they’re using to access the Platform, and they’re utilized to facilitate the User’s next visit and making the Platform more useful.
For example, La Fisio de Paula uses cookies to ensure that the Platform works correctly and to know your browsing experience, among others.
In essence, the use of cookies allows La Fisio de Paula to optimize the User’s browsing, adapting the offered information and services to their interests and preferences.
The Platform utilizes the following types of cookies:
• Third Party Cookies: Those that are sent to the User’s terminal equipment from a domain or equipment that isn’t managed by La Fisio de Paula but by another entity treating the data obtained via cookies.
La Fisio de Paula utilizes the following third party cookies:
• Analytical Cookies: These cookies gather anonymous information in a standardized about the User’s browsing and behavior patterns.
They allow to analyze and monitor the Users’ behavior in the Platform. The information gathered via analytical cookies is utilized to elaborating browsing profiles of said Platform’s Users, with the goal of introducing upgrades in our service.
The main objectives pursued with this type of cookies are:
• Allowing the anonymous identification of browsing Users and therefore the approximate quantity of the number of visitors.
• Identifying, anonymously, the most visited and therefore most attractive contents for Users.
• Knowing if the accessing User is a newcomer or a recurring visitor.
Below, more details about the Cookies utilized in the Platform are indicated:

Below, more details about the Cookies utilized in the Platform are indicated:

Company Cookies Information
Third Party Cookies



Google Analytics

Web analytics service developed by Google, which allows measuring and analysis of websites browsing.


Every browser allows for changes to deactivate cookies configuration. This is the reason why most browsers offer the possibility to manage cookies, to obtain a more precise control on privacy.
These adjustments are located in the browser’s “options” or “preferences” menu.
Below, you’ll find the link for each browser to disable cookies following instructions:
– Internet Explorer ( )
– Mozilla Firefox (
– Google Chrome (
– Safari (;
The Platform also uses cookies or other storage devices in mobile devices.
As well as with computer web browsers, mobile browsers also allow for changes in options or privacy adjustments to deactivate or eliminating cookies.
If you wish to modify privacy options follow the instructions specified by your mobile browser’s developer.
Below, you will find some examples of links that’ll guide you through modifying your mobile device’s privacy options:
– IOS: (
– Windows Phone: (
– Chrome Mobile: (
– Opera Mobile: (
If you continue browsing, we understand you accept the utilization of cookies by the Platform.
We inform you that in case of blocking or not accepting cookies installation, it’s possible that certain services won’t be available without the utilization of cookies or that you may not access particular services nor take full advantage of everything this Platform offers.