This is Me

When I was a young girl I wanted to become a teacher and a hotel receptionist, but one day, at high school, I realized that my profession would be involved with people and related to health sciences.

I was born in Pedraza, a small village in Segovia, and my roots, my family, my friends, my world is there.

I moved to Madrid at the age of 18 and studied my Physical Therapy Degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

I came back to Segovia where I had my first experience working as a physiotherapist.

After that, I adventurously went off to Manchester where I stayed one year and a half. I really learnt a lot there.

Came back to Spain, to Madrid. Madrid and I had met each other before, but this time I really felt in love with the city and decided to settle down there; just because Madrid me mata.

I started working in a private clinic: seven years of a non-stop, professional and personal learning. Many thanks for everything you have taught me!

I studied a two-year Master Course in Manual Therapy in the Alcalá de Henares University.

I have studied, and I continue doing it, different physiotherapy techniques as: global postural re-educationkinesiotape bandagedry needling

After more than ten years of professional experience I eagerly start this project.

La Fisio de Paula is:

  • My way of understanding physical therapy, my way of doing physio.
  • Not just focusing on the injury but going further to see you as a person and understanding how the injury is affecting you.
  • Bringing my hands and the techniques I control wherever you need them.
  • Understanding that everything happens for a reason and we always learn something.
  • Believing in people, you all, beyond everything. You have the ability, the power, I just give you the tools.
  • Make you happier thanks to physiotherapy.
  • Health, well-being, prevention, laugh, a bit of pain, positive attitude, closeness, experience, confidence, professionalism, a bit of serendipity, sensitivity, a lot of manual therapy, excitement, empathy and movement.