Hi everyone!

I´m Paula and I live in Madrid, but I´m from Pedraza.

I´m a bundle of energy and I love doing different things; I´m a physiotherapist, besides I cooperate with the Fundación Villa de Pedraza and, during my free time, I become a image consultant and a personal shopper.

After more than 10 years of professional experience, I have decided to start my own business. I quit my job in a private clinic and start being freelance so, here I am with my new project! I will take my physiotherapy everywhere you need it. Grandpa, it was hard, but they won´t leech me off anymore!
I start this blog because I like writting, because I think that´s a good way of knowing each other more and better, and because it´s a enjoyable manner of telling you things.

The main subject will be the physiotherapy and everything related to, but you will find other curious and useful information.

Long time ago, someone taught me life goes fly and it is necessary to squeeze it as much as we can. She does it so good, so it was easy to imitate her. This is for you, Mari!

The blog will talk about: a lot of physiotherapy, many travels, good eating, exercise, many people, a colourful life (black and white too), and above all many joie de vivre!